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Sooner Moving Company in Oklahoma
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Few of the Funniest Moving Company Names Ever!

Working for a moving company is a tough job even for the fittest of professional movers. Not only are you moving an entire house-load of furniture, (usually in one day), but you have to protect it all with heavy-duty pads, and then navigate it down narrow hallways, and through doors, out to the truck, up a ramp, and into position. Each piece can be a workout in itself. That being said, it is great to see that even movers can have a sense of humor... even when creating their company name. Here, in no particular order, are a few of my favorites!

1. GTFO Moving Company. The GTFO actually stands for, "Get the Furniture Out", but we all know the true meaning behind that acronym. I'm not sure how the average person would like that name, but it made me chuckle, so here it is!

2. Hernia Movers Inc.  The name is funny because it is so direct, honest and appropriate... and in a weird kind of way, it's even a little icky. The slogan is also a little off the wall "The Potentate of Totin' Freight." I doubt many people know what potentate even means, but it refers to a king or ruler. I guess that would've been too easy, or maybe the guy who started the company had too much time on his hands while waiting for his hernia to heal.

3. El Cheapo Moving & Deliveries. I love the tag line, "Don't be a schmoe, call El Cheapo." I wonder how much thought they put into that name? I'm not sure I would ever want to refer to ourselves as being el cheapo's, but hey, whatever trips your trigger!

4. Movers, Not Shakers! A play of the phrase, "Movers and Shakers," it is truly a great message for a moving company. I'm not sure if everyone will get the double-meaning, but it's a funny play on words for sure.

5. Move-Tastic! It's not the name I find funny, but the slogan is just too awesome not to share. "Chicago's Best Wrappers. Sorry Kanye..." That nearly made me blow my Pepsi out of my nose when I read it!

6. Home Wreckers Divorce Removal Services. Another of my favorites, I mean seriously, how can you not laugh at that? Especially with the tag line, "Get Revenge. Sell His Sh** Cheap!" Depending on the person that reads that sign, they will either be offended, or will laugh out loud! I thought it was awesome!

7. Moosejaw. I'm not sure if this is actually a moving company, but it's worth posting just for the note on the back of the truck, "Driver Carries Less Than $50 Cash and is Fully Naked." It's funny enough to make me smile, and I hope it made you smile too!

If you find anymore professional moving companies with funny names or slogans, Send the picture to me at Just make sure they are at least 400 pixels wide. If I like them, I'll give you credit when I post them! It may not make you famous, but it's still pretty cool!

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